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(1) Every person engaging or about to engage in business as a transient lodging provider shall provide a complete registration form to the tax administrator within 15 calendar days after commencing business. The registration form shall require the transient lodging provider to provide the name of the business, any separate business addresses, and other information as the tax administrator may require to implement this Chapter. Transient lodging providers who own or operate transient lodging facilities in Eugene shall provide the address of the lodging facility. The registration form shall be signed by the transient lodging provider. The tax administrator shall, within 15 days after the registration, issue without charge a certificate of authority to collect the TLT. The transient lodging provider’s obligation to collect the TLT is imposed once rent for transient lodging is paid, even if the registration form has not been filed or if the certificate has not been issued. If the rent transaction is facilitated online, the certificate of authority must be able to be viewed by the occupant by clicking on a link to the certificate of authority at a reasonable place during the payment transaction.

(2) Certificates shall be non-assignable and non-transferable and shall be surrendered to the tax administrator when the business is sold or transferred or when a transient lodging provider ceases to operate at the location specified in the registration form. Each certificate issued to a transient lodging provider for a specific lodging facility shall be prominently displayed at the lodging facility and include:

(a) The name of the transient lodging provider;

(b) The address of the transient lodging facility;

(c) The date the certificate was issued; and

(d) The certificate number as assigned by the tax administrator.

(Section 3.780 added by Ordinance No. 17282, enacted March 24, 1975; administratively amended by Ordinance No. 20113, enacted April 6, 1998, effective May 6, 1998; and amended by Ordinance No. 20673, enacted July 25, 2022, effective October 1, 2022.)