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The tax imposed by section 3.772 of this Code, together with the interest and penalties provided by section 3.784 and the filing fees paid to the Department of Records of Lane County, Oregon, and advertising costs which may be incurred when the tax becomes delinquent under section 3.782 shall be, and until paid remain, a lien from the date of its recording with the Department of Records of Lane County, Oregon, and superior to all subsequent recorded liens on all tangible personal property used in the hotel of an operator within Eugene and may be foreclosed on and sold as necessary to discharge the lien, if the lien has been so recorded. Notice of lien may be issued by the tax administrator whenever the operator is in default in the payment of the tax, interest and penalty, and shall be recorded with the Department of Records and a copy sent to the delinquent operator. The personal property subject to the lien and seized by any deputy of the tax administrator may be sold by the tax administrator at public auction after 10 days’ notice thereof published in a newspaper in the city.

Any such lien as shown on the records of the Department of Records shall, upon the payment of the taxes, penalty and interest for which the lien has been imposed, be released by the tax administrator when their full amount has been paid to the city. The operator or person making the payment shall receive a receipt therefor stating that the full amount of the taxes, penalties, and interest have been paid and that the lien is thereby released and the record of lien satisfied.

(Section 3.792 added by Ordinance No. 17282, enacted March 24, 1975.)