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An owner of a social gambling premises and any person in charge shall.

(a) Inform the city in writing within 24 hours of any reasonable suspicion of improper play;

(b) Comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations;

(c) Make all social gambling premises available to the city for inspection upon request;

(d) Not permit improper play;

(e) Not cause or permit there to be a house bank, house odds, house player, or house income from the operation of social games;

(f) Not participate in social games while on the social gambling premises;

(g) Not charge any participant in a social game a price for any consumer good that is higher or lower than the price charged to non-participants;

(h) Not accept any payment, fee, service or gratuity as consideration for the participation in, or for the privilege of participating in social games;

(i) Not permit social games to be played in any area which cannot be observed from the main portion of the social gambling premises;

(j) Not permit social games to be played in violation of the rules adopted under this chapter;

(k) Not permit social games to be played unless the owner or person in charge is actively supervising the play. The supervisor shall not participate in any social game;

(l) Not permit disorderly persons on a social gambling premises.

(Section 3.876 added by Ordinance No. 19338, enacted June 26, 1985, effective July 26, 1985; and amended by Ordinance No. 20058, enacted September 9, 1996, effective October 9, 1996.)