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Advertising and Noise Making
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For the purposes of section 4.045 to 4.075, the following words and phrases shall mean.

Bill distributor. A person, firm or corporation disseminating information to residences by means of handbills, either for others for hire or not, or for the distributor’s own purpose. However, nothing herein shall apply to the distribution of material delivered by or through the United States mails, or to the distribution of newspapers or other literature ordered by or sold to the owner or occupant of the premises.

Handbill. A sample, leaflet, dodger, advertising circular, folder, booklet, letter, pamphlet, sheet, poster, sticker or banner, but not a newspaper or other publication printing news of a general nature or keeping space therein open to the public for the publication of general advertising matter.

(Section 4.045 amended by Ordinance No. 18963, enacted May 12, 1982.)