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(1) No person shall operate a kennel, whether commercial or non-commercial, without the appropriate kennel license. Kennel licenses shall be valid from one year from the date of issuance.

(2) No kennel license shall be issued under this section to anyone in nonconformity with chapter 9 of this code.

(3) The following provisions shall govern revocation of licenses:

(a) Three or more violations of sections 4.330 to 4.490 of this chapter within a period of 12 calendar months shall result in a revocation of licenses granted under this section.

(b) Such revocation may occur after a hearing before the hearings official and after the licensee has been mailed a notice of a time to appear at least five days in advance of the hearing. Such notice shall include a general statement of the reasons for commencing the revocation proceedings.

(c) The decision of the hearings official shall be final.

(Section 4.400 changed to section 4.385, and a new section 4.400 added by Ordinance No. 19461, enacted April 13, 1987.)