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(1) A person commits the crime of harassment if the person intentionally:

(a) Harasses or annoys another person by:

1. Subjecting such other person to offensive physical contact; or

2. Publicly insulting such other person by abusive words or gestures in a manner intended and likely to provoke a violent response;

(b) Subjects another to alarm by conveying a false report, known by the conveyor to be false, concerning death or serious physical injury to a person, which report reasonably would be expected to cause alarm; or

(c) Subjects another to alarm by conveying a telephonic, electronic or written threat to inflict serious physical injury on that person or to commit a felony involving the person or property of that person or any member of that person’s family, which threat reasonably would be expected to cause alarm.

(2) A person is criminally liable for harassment if the person knowingly permits any telephone or electronic device under the person’s control to be used in violation of subsection (1) of this section.

(Section 4.726 added by Ordinance No. 19462, enacted April 13, 1987, amended by Ordinance No. 19686, enacted May 14, 1990; and Ordinance No. 20245, enacted January 14, 2002, effective February 15, 2002.)