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When a peace officer arrests a person or issues citation for any of the offenses enumerated in section 4.747(1) of this code, the officer shall also issue to the person being arrested or cited a Notice to Show Cause. The Notice shall require the person to appear at Municipal Court at a designated time within three (3) to five (5) business days, at which time the court will set a date and time for the hearing for the person to show cause why the person should not be excluded from all prostitution-free zones. The Notice shall contain.

(a) The date, time and place the person is to appear;

(b) The name of person ordered to appear;

(c) The name of the peace officer issuing the Notice;

(d) A brief explanation of the purpose of and procedure for the court appearance;

(e) The following statement: “If you fail to appear at Municipal Court at the date and time set forth above, the Municipal Court will enter an order excluding you for ninety days from the parts of the City shown on the attached map;”

(f) A statement that, if the person is convicted of the prostitution-related offense for which the person was arrested or cited, the person will be excluded from all prostitution-free zones in the city for an additional period of one year;

(g) A map showing the prostitution-free zones; and

(h) A brief description of the reasons for which the court may grant a variance and the procedure for requesting a variance.

(Section 4.748 added by Ordinance No. 20205, enacted August 7, 2000, effective September 6, 2000.)