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Unless otherwise authorized in this code, no person shall.

(a) Cut or split wood on a street or sidewalk.

(b) Carry or haul rubbish, garbage or filth on a street or sidewalk exposed so as to be offensive to pedestrians.

(c) Give a show, exhibition or performance on a street or sidewalk.

(d) Set up or operate a vehicle, stand or place for the display or sale of merchandise, or sell, vend, or display for sale an article in the streets or on the sidewalks or in doorways or stairways of business houses, or in any other place where such activity causes congregation and congestion of people or vehicles on the streets or sidewalks.

(e) Place or maintain gasoline pumps or similar devices for vending volatile oils on a street or alley except under a revocable permit from the city manager.

(Section 4.860 amended by Ordinance No. 18886, enacted October 26, 1981; Ordinance No. 19145, enacted May 25, 1983; and Ordinance No. 19338, enacted June 26, 1985, effective July 26, 1985.)