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For purposes of sections 4.900 to 4.904, the following terms are defined as follows:

Automatic dialing and announcing device. An electronically or mechanically-operated instrument which automatically dials telephone numbers it has been programmed to dial and which plays a prerecorded message when answered.

Automatic protection device. An electronically or mechanically operated instrument that automatically signals or sends by any means (including direct or indirect connection to regular telephone lines) pictures, sound, odor or a prerecorded message, either by voice or other alarm, from a protected premises upon receipt of a stimulus from a sensory detection apparatus. Automatic protection devices shall include any audible alarm or light signaling device attached to the interior or exterior of a protected premises.

Emergency. Any situation which involves an immediate threat to property or persons.

Intentionally. As defined in ORS 161.085.

Knowingly. As defined in ORS 161.085.

9-1-1. Three-digit telephone number assigned for use by the public in reporting an emergency situation or summoning emergency assistance from a public safety agency.

Public safety agency. Any sheriff, police, fire or emergency medical entity operated by the state, county or city within Lane County.

(Section 4.902 added by Ordinance No. 19576, enacted September 12, 1988.)