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(1) For purposes of this section:

(a) Bail is outstanding if it is not posted within the time specified by the citation that indicates the amount of the bail, and remains outstanding until entry of judgment in the judicial proceedings based on the citation; and

(b) A fine is outstanding if overdue and unpaid and remains outstanding until discharged by payment, judicial action, or confinement in a jail or prison.

(2) No operator of a vehicle shall cause, and no owner of a vehicle may allow the vehicle to be on:

(a) A public thoroughfare in the city,

(b) City property,

(c) Property occupied by the city, or

(d) Property on which the city enforces parking regulations under contract, if the vehicle has been involved in one or more parking violations under this code for which outstanding bail or a fine or fines or both total $30 or more.

(3) A parking control officer, community service specialist, or police officer of the city who finds a vehicle so located that its operator or owner or both are in violation of this section shall immobilize the vehicle in accordance with section 5.700 of this code.

(Section 5.231 added by Ordinance No. 18937, enacted March 8, 1982; amended by Ordinance No. 19200, enacted November 23, 1983; Ordinance No. 19542, enacted March 16, 1988, effective March 26, 1988; and Ordinance No. 19930, enacted September 13, 1993.)