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(1) A motor vehicle parked on or in a non-metered off-street parking facility provided by the city may not be removed from that facility by a person other than a representative of the city authorized so to remove it, until the charge for the parking, as indicated by a city-authorized public notice at the facility, has been paid to the city or to a representative of the city authorized to receive the payment.

(2) To secure:

(a) Payment of the charge,

(b) Payment of whatever unpaid charges have accrued in favor of the city under chapter 5 of this code on account of prior parking, towing, and impounding of the vehicle, and

(c) Payment of whatever unpaid amounts have been imposed by the municipal court for violations of the chapter that have involved the vehicle, the city may immobilize the vehicle in accordance with section 5.700 of this code. If release of the vehicle is not then effected in accordance with that section, the vehicle may be removed from the parking facility in accordance with section 5.695 of this code and shall thenceforth be subject to the provisions of that section regarding impoundment, redemption, and sale.

(3) The duty to pay the parking charge referred to previously in this section shall rest primarily on the person who parks the vehicle in or on the facility. If, however, neither the person who parks the vehicle nor anyone else pays the charge, the owner of the vehicle shall pay it.

(4) By an action in the municipal court for services rendered, the city may collect the charge from the person who parks or owns the vehicle. In the same action the city may also collect whatever charges result from the towing and storage effected because of nonpayment of the charge. In the action the city may also collect a sum sufficient to reimburse the city for the cost of the services of the attorney who brings the action, the cost of the municipal court for the time it is involved in the action, and the administrative costs incidental to the action.

(5) Except for the airport as defined in section 2.415 of this code, the charges for off-street parking facilities and the conditions upon which parking is authorized shall be established by administrative action of the city manager.

(6) The city manager may:

(a) Waive all or part of the charges established in subsection (5) of this section for persons who ride-share, carpool or ride motorcycles and park them in designated spaces, for physically disabled persons, for participants in special events of community interest, for city sponsored events, for persons required to park at city hall in order to perform their official duty or for persons obligated under a contract to perform services at city hall when the cost of such parking would be passed on to the city as part of the contractual obligation to pay for the services.

(b) Collect all charges on an annual basis or any part thereof.

(c) Establish discount rates for purchasing parking permits in bulk or for multiple months.

(7) When establishing charges within the limits of subsections (5) and (6) of this section, the following shall be considered:

(a) The transportation and economic development goals adopted by the city council;

(b) The demand for public parking;

(c) The ability of the city to meet the financial obligations of existing or proposed parking facilities.

(d) When considering the charges for facilities in proximity to the Hult Center, the level of tax support the city provides to that center.

(Section 5.285 added by Ordinance No. 16687, enacted January 8, 1973; amended by Ordinance No. 17690, enacted June 28, 1976; Ordinance No. 18715, enacted October 29, 1980; Ordinance No. 18906, enacted December 16, 1981; Ordinance No. 18992, enacted June 16, 1982; Ordinance No. 19801, enacted December 8, 1982; Ordinance No. 19242, enacted April 23, 1984, effective June 22, 1984; Ordinance No. 19356, enacted September 23, 1985; Ordinance No. 19399, enacted August 13, 1986; Ordinance No. 19926, enacted June 28, 1993; Ordinance No. 19969, enacted July 21, 1994; Ordinance No. 20023, enacted September 18, 1995, effective October 18, 1995; administratively amended by Ordinance No. 20113, enacted April 6, effective May 6, 1998; amended by Ordinance No. 20198, enacted July 10, 2000, effective August 9, 2000; and Ordinance No. 20260, enacted July 22, 2002, effective August 22, 2002.)