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Parking Space Rental Permits
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(1) Authorization. The city manager or designee may, under conditions set forth in this section, issue parking space rental permits upon a proper and complete written application therefor.

(2) Application. If it is necessary for a person to park a motor vehicle in a parking restricted area for a period of time or in a manner that would otherwise not be permitted to facilitate construction work, maintenance, service or repair work, or the moving of furniture, equipment and other supplies, such person shall make an application upon a form approved by the city manager or designee, for a parking space rental permit.

(3) Issuance of Permit. In deciding whether to issue a parking space rental permit, the city manager, or designee, shall consider the criteria set out at subsection (n) of section 5.055 and determine the necessity of the applicant’s desired use; provided, however, that the investigation and determination of necessity need not precede the issuance of the permit if the application shows reasonable necessity in accordance with subsection (2) of this section. Daily employee parking shall not be considered a necessity under this section. Upon approval of the application and payment of all required fees, a parking space rental permit shall be issued, with conditions as to time, location, and manner of use as may be appropriate;

(4) Placement and Use of Permit. When parking pursuant to the permit, the permit holder shall place the permit face up on the driver’s side dashboard of the vehicle with the recorded validation readable from outside the vehicle. The permit holder shall not park in any space lawfully occupied by another vehicle, nor park in a manner that blocks the egress of any lawfully parked vehicle. The permit shall be used only when parking a vehicle is necessary to the performance of the work for which the application was submitted.

(5) Reservation of Spaces. A parking space rental permit issued pursuant to this section may authorize the permit holder to use barricades to reserve one or more parking spaces. In using barricades, the permit holder shall comply with all conditions and regulations imposed as to their use. Use of barricades in any manner not authorized by the permit shall be cause for revocation of the permit or the barricade authorization.

(6) Fees. Prior to issuance of a parking space rental permit, the applicant shall pay a fee established by the city manager pursuant to section 2.020 of this code.

(7) Revocation of Permit. The use of a parking space rental permit issued pursuant to this section for any purpose other than that set forth in the application or in any manner contrary to the permit’s terms and conditions shall be cause for revocation of the permit. Upon written notification to the permit holder that the permit has been revoked, the permit shall be deemed invalid for all purposes and all fees paid shall be forfeited.

(8) General Limitations. Unless the parking space rental permit specifically authorizes to the contrary, the permit holder shall not use the permit to park:

(a) At a location where parking or stopping is prohibited;

(b) In a parking space during hours when parking or stopping at that location is prohibited;

(c) In a parking space for longer than permitted if the space is designated as permitting parking for a period of time less than one hour.

Nothing in this section shall prevent a parking control officer, police officer or other authorized person from issuing a citation for violation of this or any other applicable provision of this code or from towing or impounding a vehicle when the towing or impounding is authorized under any other provision of this code.

(9) The city manager may adopt by administrative rule pursuant to the provisions of section 2.019 of this code more specific procedures and criteria with respect to, but not limited to, the issuance, use, or revocation of parking space rental permits. Violation of a rule adopted hereunder shall constitute a violation of this section.

(Section 5.350 amended by Ordinance No. 17441, enacted August 11, 1975; Ordinance No. 19969, enacted July 21, 1994; and clerically corrected May 1, 2008.)