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(1) No person may ride a bicycle on a sidewalk in that area bounded by the eastern sidewalk along Lincoln Street between 8th and 13th Avenues, the northern sidewalk along 8th Avenue between Lincoln and Pearl Streets, on either side of Willamette Street between 7th and 8th Avenues, the eastern sidewalk along Pearl Street between 8th and 13th Avenues, on either side of Broadway between Pearl and High Streets, and on the northern sidewalk along 13th Avenue between Pearl and Lincoln Streets.

(2) No person may park a bicycle in or near a public thoroughfare or place in such a manner as to obstruct traffic or endanger persons or property.

(3) A person riding a bicycle:

(a) In a lane for vehicular traffic or parking may ride only in the direction legally prescribed there for that traffic.

(b) In a lane for vehicular traffic or parking shall ride as closely to the curb as is safe, but when approaching an intersection where a curb lane is designated “Left Turn” or “Right Turn” shall avoid that lane within 50 feet of the intersection if intending to ride through the intersection without turning.

(c) On a street or alley shall ride in single file with other bicyclists whenever a motor vehicle is approaching within 100 feet to the rear.

(d) On a bicycle path or a sidewalk shall keep as far to the right as is safe, except when overtaking and passing pedestrians and other vehicles, which shall be overtaken and passed only on the left.

(4) Peace officers, police community service officers, police volunteers, and parole and probation officers performing official duties are exempt from the provisions of this section.

(Section 5.400, formerly section 5.410, renumbered and amended by Ordinance No. 17690, enacted June 28, 1976; amended by Ordinance No. 20496, enacted October 8, 2012, effective November 10, 2012; and Ordinance No. 20538, enacted July 28, 2014, effective August 29, 2014.)