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The chief of police or his designate may revoke a parade permit if:

(a) An imminent threat of violence and personal injury to the parade participants exists, all reasonable efforts to protect the parade participants have failed, and a request to disband the parade made to the parade organizers has been refused;

(b) Actual violence has been caused by the parade organizers;

(c) Actual violence that endangers public safety has been caused by parade participants and public safety cannot be protected without revocation of the permit; or

(d) There is a significant deviation from the route designated in the application or approval, or assembly at points not shown in the application or approval, which occurs without approval of the police officer in charge of the parade escort.

(Section 5.520 amended by Ordinance No. 18512, enacted October 3, 1979, and Ordinance No. 18885, enacted October 26, 1981.)