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(1) When required by this code or state law a parking facility shall have notice of parking restrictions posted in at least one of the following ways:

(a) A sign at each entrance in plain view to any person entering the facility in a motor vehicle which:

1. Is not more than 10 square feet nor less than 3 square feet in size;

2. Contains lettering readable for a distance of 50 feet stating:

a. Who is authorized to use the parking facility,

b. That unauthorized vehicles will be cited for violation of section 5.240 of this code or will be towed away at the vehicle owner’s expense, and

c. The hours when unauthorized vehicles may be cited or towed; or

(b) Signs within the parking facility of the same size and content as prescribed in paragraph (a) of this subsection which are readable from each parking space; or

(c) At each designated parking space an individual sign of not less than one square foot nor more than three square feet in size containing the notice prescribed in paragraph (a)(2) of this subsection.

(2) The city manager or his or her designee shall prescribe standard signs with wording that meets the requirements of subsection (1) of this section. Existing signs which do not meet the sign design approved by the city manager shall be replaced with signs of the approved design no later that July 1, 1985.

(3) Upon written approval of the city manager or his or her designee, the size of the signs and lettering required by this section may be modified provided the modification gives reasonable notice to vehicle operators seeking a place to park.

(Section 5.540 added by Ordinance No. 18868, September 16, 1981; amended by Ordinance No. 18953, enacted April 14, 1982; Ordinance No. 19220, enacted February 8, 1984; and Ordinance No. 19242, enacted April 23, 1984, effective June 22, 1984.)