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When a vehicle has been lawfully impounded by the city, the contents shall be inventoried. An inventory conducted pursuant to this section shall be made for the following purposes:

(a) To ensure the protection of the owner’s property while it is impounded;

(b) To reduce the potential assertion of false claims against the city or other persons for lost, stolen or damaged property; and

(c) To reduce the danger to police officers and others from the impoundment of uninventoried property.

The city manager or the manager’s designee shall adopt an administrative program for inventories conducted pursuant to this section. These internal policies shall be designed and administered so that the inventories are conducted for the purposes set forth in this section and under specific guidelines which ensure that the inventory involves no exercise of discretion by the person directing or taking the inventory.

(Section 5.696 added by Ordinance 20023, enacted September 18, 1995, effective October 18, 1995.)