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(1) Any person who, at the request of a police officer, parking control officer or community service specialist of the city, tows and stores a vehicle as authorized by this chapter:

(a) Except as otherwise provided in this section, shall have a lien on the vehicle and its contents in accordance with ORS 87.152 for the just and reasonable charges for towing and storage services performed;

(b) May retain possession of the vehicle and contents until such charges are paid; and

(c) Shall provide written notice, approved by the city, containing information on the procedures necessary to obtain the release of the vehicle and judicial review or hearing as provided in sections 5.675 and 5.697 of this chapter to each person who seeks to redeem the vehicle.

(2) A lien described under this section does not attach to the contents of any vehicle until 15 days after taking the vehicle into custody.

(3) No person towing or storing a vehicle as provided in this chapter may release the vehicle without first obtaining the written permission of the municipal court or the police department.

(4) Before any net proceeds from the sale of the vehicle are paid to the Lane County Treasurer as provided in subsection (2) of ORS 87.206, they shall be deposited with municipal court to satisfy any unpaid bail and fines for parking offenses involving the said vehicle. Any amount remaining thereafter shall then be paid by the city to Lane County Treasurer. At the time the net proceeds are deposited with the municipal court, the lien claimant shall also deliver to municipal court the documents required by subsection (2) of ORS 87.206.

(Section 5.980 added by Ordinance No. 18937, enacted March 8, 1982; and amended by Ordinance No. 19542, enacted March 16, 1988, effective March 26, 1988.)