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Penalties Amended
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(1) Except as may be limited by Charter, violations of ORS provisions adopted by reference in section 5.005 of this Code are offenses against the city and are punishable up to the maximum amounts established by order of the Municipal Court Judge, which amounts shall not exceed the maximum amounts established under state law.

(2) Violation of sections 5.060 to 5.150, 5.160, subsections (1) and (2) of section 5.225, 5.540, 5.555, and subsections (3) and (4) of section 5.980 is punishable by fine not to exceed $100.00.

(3) Violation of sections 5.285 or 5.385, shall be punishable by a fine not exceeding $25.00.

(4) In addition to or in lieu of a penalty for a bicycle violation, the municipal judge may prohibit the operation of a bicycle used in the violation on the streets of the city for a period not to exceed 30 days. In such event, the chief of police shall be directed to impound the bicycle, and retain it for the period that the operation is prohibited, or the owner’s registration card held for the period during which the operation of the bicycle is prohibited.

(5) When there have been repeated violations of paragraph (3)(f) of section 5.225, in addition to the penalty provided in section 5.995, the municipal judge may suspend for up to one year the privilege of purchasing a parking space rental permit for any vehicle owned or leased by the offender.

(6) Violation of Section 5.155(6) is punishable by fine not to exceed $150. Each subsequent violation within the same prohibited time period shall constitute a separate violation, and in addition to the penalty provided herein, the vehicle may be towed and taken to a storage area designated by the city and may be impounded, all at the expense of the owner or person entitled to possession of the vehicle.

(Section 5.990 amended by Ordinance No. 16270, enacted July 12, 1971; Ordinance No. 16687, enacted January 8, 1973; Ordinance No. 16959, enacted January 7, 1974; Ordinance No. 17690, enacted June 28, 1976; Ordinance No. 18554, enacted January 9, 1980; Ordinance No. 18681, enacted July 2, 1980; Ordinance No. 18748, enacted January 14, 1981; Ordinance No. 18868, enacted September 16, 1981, Ordinance No. 18937, enacted March 8, 1982; Ordinance No. 19500, enacted September 28, 1987; Ordinance No. 19541, enacted March 14, 1988, effective March 24, 1988; Ordinance No. 19969, enacted July 21, 1994; Ordinance No. 20307, enacted and effective February 9, 2004; Ordinance No. 20340, enacted March 4, 2005, effective April 3, 2005; and administratively corrected June 28, 2005.)