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Any person who drives, operates, or causes or permits to be driven or operated on a public way a motor vehicle which emits visible emissions into the atmosphere in violation of section 6.210(1) or (2) shall be ordered to bring the vehicle into conformity with these regulations. Said person must present the vehicle to the police department within 15 days for inspection and verification that the vehicle has been corrected to conform to these regulations, unless within such time evidence is presented that the vehicle will no longer be operated on a public way. Notice of nonconformity with these regulations may be given on the Inspection Check List, marked Exhibit “B”, and on file in the city and by this reference incorporated into this Code.

(Section 6.220 amended by Ordinance No. 20113, enacted April 6, 1998, effective May 6, 1998.)

*See Ordinance No. 16112.