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(1) In addition to any other authority granted by law, the city manager, when he or she has reason to believe that hazardous substances pose imminent threats to the public health, safety or welfare, may:

(a) Undertake independently, in cooperation with others or by contract, investigations, studies, sampling, monitoring, assessments, surveying, testing, analyzing, planning, inspecting, training, engineering, design, construction, operation, maintenance and any other activity necessary to conduct removal action and to carry out the provisions of sections 6.345 to 6.380.

(b) Recover the city’s removal action costs.

(2) Each responsible party is jointly, severally and strictly liable for those removal action costs incurred by the city that are attributable to or associated with a facility.

(Section 6.350 added by Ordinance No. 19862, enacted June 22, 1992, effective July 22, 1992.)