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Industrial users shall provide protection from accidental discharge of prohibited or regulated materials or substances established in this section. Where deemed necessary by the city, facilities to prevent accidental discharge of prohibited materials shall be provided and maintained at the industrial user’s cost and expense. An accidental spill prevention plan (ASPP) showing facilities and operating procedures to provide this protection shall be submitted to the city for review and approval before implementation. The city shall determine which industrial user is required to develop an ASPP and require that industrial user to submit the ASPP within 60 days after notification by the city. Each industrial user shall implement its ASPP as submitted after such ASPP has been reviewed and approved by the city. Review and approval of such plans and operating procedures by the city shall not relieve the industrial user from the responsibility to modify its facility as necessary to meet the requirements of sections 6.501 to 6.596 of this code.

(Section 6.526, formerly Section 6.427 added by Ordinance No. 19791, enacted July 8, 1991; renumbered by Ordinance 19939, enacted November 17, 1993, effective December 17, 1993; and amended by Ordinance No. 19940, enacted November 17, 1993, effective December 17, 1993.)