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(1) Enforcement Policy. The primary focus of sections 6.625 to 6.645 is to implement measures for preventing erosion and minimizing stormwater impact that will meet the outcomes established in administrative rules promulgated by the city manager, and the city will use the amount of enforcement necessary to achieve compliance. Where possible the city will rely on education rather than enforcement. The manager may provide educational programs or other informational materials that will assist permittees in meeting the desired erosion and sedimentation controls, and other construction site management practices outcomes.

(2) Inspections. The city may make periodic inspections to ensure compliance with this code, rules issued hereunder, or conditions imposed on an erosion prevention or other permit.

(3) Violations. Failure to comply with the provisions of this code, rules issued hereunder, the erosion prevention permits, or conditions imposed thereon, during the period that the permit(s) remains in effect may result in:

(a) The issuance of a corrective memorandum and/or an administrative compliance order by the city;

(b) The issuance of a stop work order by the city;

(c) The imposition of an administrative civil penalty pursuant to the provisions of section 2.018 of this code as authorized by section 6.995 of this code; and/or

(d) The issuance of a citation into municipal court for violation of this code.

Failure to comply with any stop work or compliance order issued by the city shall constitute a separate violation. Each day a violation continues also shall constitute a separate violation.

(4) Appeal. Any person to whom an order is issued may appeal a stop work order or compliance order within the time and in the manner prescribed in section 2.021 of this code. Notwithstanding any other provision of this code, a stop work order or compliance order shall be effective upon issuance, and shall continue in effect during the pendency of any appeal.

(Section 6.640 added by Ordinance No. 20067, enacted October 16, 1996, effective November 16, 1996 amended by Ordinance No. 20169, enacted September 27, 1999, effective October 27, 1999; Ordinance 20177, enacted November 8, 1999, effective December 8, 1999; and Ordinance No. 20570, enacted December 12, 2016, effective January 19, 2017.)