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The city manager may adopt rules for implementation of sections 6.625 to 6.640, following the procedures in section 2.019 of this code. The rules may include, but need not be limited to.

(a) The form and content of an erosion prevention permit;

(b) Additional criteria for identifying “sensitive areas” within the city, and preparation of a map identifying sensitive areas;

(c) The definition of a certified professional;

(d) The definition of maximum extent practicable;

(e) The form and minimum criteria to be included in a construction site management plan, including required construction site management practices;

(f) Erosion prevention design standards; and

(g) Criteria for violation of sections 6.625 to 6.640 of the Eugene Code, 1971.

(Section 6.645 added by Ordinance No. 20067, enacted October 16, 1996, effective November 16, 1996.)