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Following council adoption of the numerical targets and benchmarks, the city manager shall report to the city council on progress in reaching adopted climate action goals as follows:

(1) Provide a progress report every two years.

(2) Provide a comprehensive report every five years that includes an assessment of greenhouse gas emission reductions to date and the status in reaching the established targets and benchmarks. If the five-year comprehensive report indicates that the city is not reaching the adopted targets and benchmarks, the city manager or the manager’s designee shall:

(a) Conduct an analysis of possible actions to get back on track to achieve the next adopted benchmark, together with a triple bottom line analysis of those options.

(b) Develop for council consideration potential revisions to the plan that reflect the necessary actions to achieve the next adopted benchmark.

(3) Update the community climate and energy action plan and the internal climate action plan every five years, which shall be based on the updated greenhouse gas inventory.

(Section 6.690 added by Ordinance No. 20540, enacted July 28, 2014, effective August 29, 2014.)