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(1) Between May 1 and June 15 of each year the city recorder shall cause to be published three times in a newspaper of general circulation in the city a copy of section 6.815, as notice to all persons responsible for property of their duty to keep their undeveloped property free of obnoxious vegetation. The notice shall state that the city is willing to abate such a nuisance on any particular parcel of undeveloped property at the request of the owner or person in charge of the property, for a fee sufficient to cover the city’s costs of such abatement. The notice shall also state that, even in the absence of such requests, the city intends to abate all such nuisances ten or more days after the final publication of the notice, and to charge the cost of doing so on any particular parcel of property plus a penalty to the person responsible or the property itself.

(2) In addition to the published notice, the city recorder shall send by first class mail postage prepaid, a copy of the published notice to any person responsible for undeveloped property as shown on the Lane County tax rolls or upon records of the city. The failure to receive the mailed notice shall not relieve any person responsible from the obligation to abate obnoxious vegetation or to pay the cost of abatement performed by the city.

(Section 6.825, formerly Section 6.519 amended by Ordinance No. 17073, enacted May 20, 1974, Ordinance No. 19393 enacted July 28, 1986, effective January 28, 1987; renumbered by Ordinance No. 19939, enacted November 17, 1993, effective December 17, 1993; and amended by Ordinance 20113, enacted April 6, 1998, effective May 6, 1998.)