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(1) Within 10 days after the third publication of the notice for which section 6.825 provides, or as soon thereafter as a nuisance as defined in section 6.815 occurs, the person responsible for the property where such a nuisance occurs shall abate the nuisance, except as subsection (2) of this section provides to the contrary.

(2) The person responsible for property who is apprehensive that vegetation on the property is likely to be allegedly in violation of section 6.815, or who denies that a nuisance as defined in that section exists on the property, may file with the finance officer a written protest denying that such a nuisance exists on the property. The city manager or his designate shall then determine whether the nuisance does so exist. That determination shall be final. If it is affirmative, the person responsible shall cause the nuisance to be abated within ten days after the determination.

(Section 6.830, formerly Section 6.521 amended by Ordinance No. 17073, enacted May 20, 1974, Ordinance No. 19393, enacted July 28, 1986, effective January 28, 1987; and renumbered by Ordinance No. 19939, enacted November 17, 1993, effective December 17, 1993.)