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(1) The finance officer, by registered or certified mail, postage prepaid, shall forward to the person responsible a notice stating:

(a) The total cost of abatement including administrative overhead and penalty.

(b) That the cost will be assessed and become a lien against the property unless paid within ten days from the date of notice.

(c) That if the cost is paid within the ten days the administrative penalty will be waived.

(d) That if the person responsible objects to the cost of abatement as indicated, he may file a written objection with the finance officer not more than ten days from the date of the notice and that the written objection must state the facts and reasons for the objection to the cost of abatement.

(2) The person responsible’s written objection to the cost of abatement shall be reviewed by the city manager or the manager’s designee, who shall determine the proper amount of the bill and give written notice to the person responsible of the amount so determined. That determination shall be final.

(3) Within ten days after receiving the bill, if no objection is filed, or within ten days after the determination following an objection, the person responsible shall pay the bill. If the costs of abatement are not paid within the ten days, the finance officer shall thereupon enter the costs of abatement plus the penalty in the docket of city liens. Upon such entry the amount shall constitute a lien upon the property from which the obnoxious vegetation was removed or upon the abutting property when the obnoxious vegetation was removed from the adjoining public way.

(4) The lien shall be enforced in the same manner as liens for street improvements and shall bear interest at the rate prescribed in section 2.022 of this code. The interest shall commence from date of the entry of the lien in the lien docket. For qualifying property owners the payment of the lien may be deferred, extended or modified as provided in sections 7.195 to 7.220 of this code.

(5) An error in the name of a person responsible shall not void the assessment and lien nor will a failure to receive the notices prescribed in sections 6.825 and 6.840 render the assessment void, but it shall remain a valid lien against the property.

(Section 6.840, formerly Section 6.525, added by Ordinance No. 17073, enacted May 20, 1974, Ordinance No. 19393, enacted July 28, 1986, effective January 28, 1987; and renumbered by Ordinance No. 19939, enacted November 17, 1993, effective December 17, 1993.)