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For purposes of sections 6.874 to 6.878 of this code, the following words and phrases mean:

City sponsored event. Any event organized or sponsored by the city or any department of the city.

Polystyrene container. A container that is made, in whole or in part, of a thermoplastic polymer, including, but not limited to, a solid polystyrene plastic or a polystyrene plastic foam, made for the purpose of and ordinarily used once for the purpose of serving, containing, preserving or consuming prepared food before being discarded. Types of polystyrene containers include, but are not limited to cups, bowls, plates, trays, and clamshell containers. Polystyrene containers do not include:

(a) A cooler or other container that is made of a polystyrene foam, that is intended for more than one use and that is enclosed by a solid plastic shell;

(b) A tray or container used solely to store, ship or otherwise transport an ingredient or food product that is not prepared food; or

(c) Polystyrene plastic material that is used solely for packing or protecting items other than prepared food during storage, shipping or other transportation.

Prepared food. Food or a beverage that a retail food and beverage establishment prepares on their premises or that another person prepares and provides to the retail food and beverage establishment for sale to the public and that a person may consume immediately or without the need for additional preparation. Prepared food does not include raw meat, fish, or eggs that have not been prepared for immediate consumption.

Retail food and beverage establishment. Full service restaurants, limited service restaurants, fast food restaurants, food carts, bars, coffee and tea shops, grocery stores, convenience stores, hotels and motels, caterers, and food service contractors.

Undue hardship. Circumstances or situations unique to the retail food and beverage establishment, such that there are no reasonable alternatives to polystyrene containers.

(Section 6.874 added by Ordinance No. 20623, enacted November 25, 2019, effective December 27, 2019.)