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Except as exempted in section 6.878 of this code:

(a) Retail food and beverage establishments shall not use, provide, or make polystyrene containers available to members of the public in the course of selling, offering for sale, serving, or dispensing prepared food to members of the public.

(b) No person shall sell, offer for sale, serve or dispense prepared food in a polystyrene container at any city facility, city sponsored event, or city permitted event.

(c) City departments may not purchase, acquire, or use polystyrene containers for prepared food.

(d) Retail food and beverage establishments under contract with the city may not use polystyrene containers for prepared food in city facilities and while performing under a city contract.

(Section 6.876 added by Ordinance No. 20623, enacted November 25, 2019, effective December 27, 2019.)