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The document entitled Oregon Temporary Traffic Control Handbook (Oregon Department of Transportation, May, 2006 edition) is adopted and shall be in effect until the city engineer adopts a replacement. The city engineer may require additional traffic control devices as deemed appropriate to protect the public. The city engineer is authorized to adopt a different document addressing the same subjects if the engineer finds that a different document is more up-to-date, consistent with state standards or otherwise provides better standards for temporary traffic control.

(Section 7.100 amended by Ordinance No. 16749, enacted April 9, 1973; Ordinance No. 18776, enacted April 15, 1981, and Ordinance No. 19393, enacted July 28, 1986; amended by Ordinance No. 20236, enacted November 26, 2001, effective December 26, 2001; and Ordinance No. 20390, enacted August 13, 2007, effective September 14, 2007.)