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(1) The council or its designee shall take oral or written testimony at the time and place specified in the notice sent under section 7.155. If the testimony is taken by the council’s designee, the designee may request additional information from the city engineer before making the designee’s recommendation to the council. The council by resolution may order, modify and order, or postpone construction of the proposed sidewalk.

(2) If the council has ordered construction of the sidewalk the owner of the affected property shall have 20 days from the date of written notice of the council’s order to obtain the permit required by sections 7.290 to 7.308 and 20 days from the issuance of the permit to construct the sidewalk as ordered. The notice shall advise the owner of the affected property of the provisions of section 7.157.

(Section 7.156 amended by Ordinance No. 17954, enacted April 11, 1977, and Ordinance No. 19393 enacted July 28, 1986, effective January 28, 1987.)