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(1) If the applicant for a permit required by section 7.290 is a municipal utility, franchisee, or licensee, the city engineer’s stamp of approval on the applicant’s drawings for the proposed work shall constitute issuance of a permit. The work performed under such a permit shall comply with the requirements of subsection 7.290(3). The permittee’s drawings shall designate in the permit, with accurate dimensions shown, the part of the public way to be used and the permittee shall strictly conform to the designation so made, unless re-approval is given by the city engineer.

(2) The permittee’s approved drawings must be at the work site for which the permit is issued before work begins and remain there during the performance of the work. After completion of the work, the permittee shall furnish the city engineer as-built plans showing the location and depths of all installations.

(3) The permittee’s work under the permit is subject to inspection during and after completion of the work. Regarding the relocation of the public way, a city inspector may require changes in construction technique or workmanship if hazardous conditions are present and may halt construction if it does not conform to the approved drawings or permit conditions. That a city inspector directed a change in construction techniques or workmanship shall not relieve the permittee of its obligations under section 7.290 to 7.308.

(4) In an emergency, a permittee may open a public way to repair or install an underground utility system, provided, before commencing work the permittee enters each excavation on the communication system of the Oregon Utility Notification Center, and provided the permittee obtains the permit required by subsection 7.305(1) promptly thereafter.

(5) A permittee shall pay the established permit fees. The permit fees shall be paid monthly, before the 15th day of the month following inspection.

(Section 7.305 amended by Ordinance No. 19393, enacted July 28, 1986; and Ordinance No. 20390, enacted August 13, 2007, effective September 14, 2007.)