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It shall be the duty of all property owners to fill and maintain with earth, soil, brick, gravel, clay, loam, cinders, mulching material or Portland cement concrete, but not asphaltic concrete, the space between the curb and sidewalk in front of their property and to the curb line of the street at the intersections to a level and grade with the curb and sidewalk unless an approved stormwater facility is constructed between the curb and sidewalk. Subject to sections 4.832 and 4.833 of this code, and sections 7.635 to 7.650, a ground cover or tree may be used. When the planting strip (i.e., the space between the curb and the sidewalk) is a different surface-type than the sidewalk and is clearly separate and distinct from the sidewalk, the property owner responsible pursuant to this section for maintaining the planting strip in front of their property is the person in charge of those premises for purposes of EC 4.807.

(Section 7.370 amended by Ordinance No. 19393, enacted July 28, 1986, effective January 28, 1987; Ordinance No. 20390, enacted August 13, 2007, effective September 14, 2007; and Ordinance No. 20618, enacted June 24, 2019, effective June 24, 2019.)