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(1) The purpose of the access connection requirements set forth in sections 7.410, 7.420 and 7.430 of this code is to:

(a) Balance the need for a safe and efficient roadway system against the need to provide ingress and egress to developed land adjacent to the street.

(b) Reduce conflict points in the transportation system by managing, the number, spacing, location and design of access connections.

(c) Preserve intersection influence areas to allow drivers to focus on traffic operational tasks, weaving, speed changes, traffic signal indications, etc.

(d) Reduce interference with through movement, caused by slower vehicles exiting, entering or turning across the roadway, by providing turning lanes or tapers and restricting certain movements.

(2) Unless otherwise provided in this chapter 7 or in chapter 9 of this code, the requirements set forth in sections 7.410, 7.420, and 7.430 of this code apply to the design, construction, reconstruction or alteration of any access connection.

(Section 7.408 added by Ordinance No. 20458, enacted March 8, 2010, effective April 10, 2010.)