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Before levying assessment for an off-street parking facility the council shall cause the finance officer to mail to each real property owner affected by the proposed assessment a notice which shall designate the location of the off-street parking facility for which an assessment is to be made, a description of each parcel of real property proposed to be assessed with the name of the owner thereof and the address of the owner as shown on the assessment records of the assessor of the county and the amount of the assessment. The notice shall specify the time and place, when and where the council or designee will meet to hear the objections to the proposed assessment, and shall request the property owners interested to be present at the time and place to make their objection to the proposed assessment, if any. The notice shall be sent by certified mail to each property owner affected by the proposed assessment at the address above indicated, not less than ten days prior to the time when the ordinance levying the assessment shall be considered by the council. A copy of the notice shall be likewise posted by the finance officer on the bulletin board at the city hall.

(Section 7.500 amended by Ordinance No. 16656, enacted November 6, 1972, and Ordinance No. 19393, enacted July 28, 1986, effective January 28, 1987.)