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(1) Unless otherwise exempted by the provisions of sections 7.700 to 7.740 or other local or state law, effective July 1, 1991 a systems development charge is hereby imposed upon all new development within the city, and any structure inside or outside the boundary of the city that connects to or otherwise uses the wastewater sewer system or storm sewer system of the city.

(2) Systems development charges for each type of capital improvement provided by the city may be created and shall be established by council resolution. When required by intergovernmental agreement authorized by council, a systems development charge for a capital improvement provided by another government shall be established by council resolution.

(Section 7.705 added by Ordinance No. 19773, enacted May 13, 1991, effective July 1, 1991; amended by Ordinance No. 20166, enacted September 15, 1999; and Ordinance No. 20248, enacted April 8, 2002, effective May 9, 2002.)