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For the purposes of sections 8.001 through 8.010 of this code, the following words and phrases, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning, mean:

Building service equipment. The plumbing, mechanical, and electrical equipment that is essential to the occupancy of a building or structure for its designated use, including but not limited to piping, wiring, fixtures, and other accessories which provide sanitation, power, lighting, heating, ventilation, cooling, refrigeration, or fire protection facilities.

City or city manager. The city manager or the manager’s designee.

Oregon specialty code. A code prescribing standards for construction which is adopted by the State of Oregon pursuant to OAR chapter 918, division 8. Collectively, the Oregon Specialty Codes are referred to as the State Building Code.

Permit. A building permit, electrical permit, etc., as the context may require. The term shall also include a combination permit, when appropriate.

Person in charge of property. An agent, occupant, lessee, tenant, contract purchaser, owner, or other person having possession or control of property or the supervision of any construction project.

Technical code. The Oregon Specialty Codes, the Fire Code, and other regulations prescribing standards for construction of buildings, structures, building elements, components or equipment that have been adopted by the city pursuant to the authority granted by section 8.010.

(Section 8.001, previously 8.005, amended by Ordinance No. 17117, enacted June 24, 1974, and Ordinance No. 17536, enacted February 23, 1976, and Ordinance No. 18445, enacted August 1, 1979; renumbered by Ordinance No. 18742, enacted December 23, 1980; amended by Ordinance No. 19413, enacted October 13, 1986, Ordinance No. 19498, enacted September 14, 1987, effective October 14, 1987; Ordinance No.19719, enacted October 8, 1990, with an effective date of October 17, 1990, set by Ordinance No. 19722; Ordinance No. 19756, enacted March 4, 1991; administratively amended by Ordinance No.19892, enacted December 7, 1992, effective January 6, 1993; amended by Ordinance No. 20692, enacted July 10, 2023, effective September 1, 2023.)