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It is the policy of the city that standards of fire safety in the city be at all times as high as the standards of fire safety prescribed by or under the laws of the State of Oregon. Notwithstanding any lesser standard of fire safety indicated by this code or regulations adopted pursuant to it, any standard of fire safety now or hereafter prescribed by ORS Chapter 476 or by the State Fire Marshal in the Oregon Administrative Rules under ORS 476.030 shall apply in the city, and no person shall engage in any construction or other activity not meeting the state standard.

(Section 8.003, previously 8.008, added by Ordinance No. 16405, enacted March 13, 1971, renumbered by Ordinance No. 18742, enacted December 23, 1980, and amended by Ordinance 19413, enacted October 13, 1986; amended by Ordinance No. 20692, enacted July 10, 2023, effective September 1, 2023.)