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(1) Following the procedures set forth in section 2.019 of this code, the city manager is authorized to adopt a technical code to regulate the construction of buildings, structures, building elements, components and equipment. The technical code shall include but is not limited to, a structural code, residential code, mechanical code, plumbing code, electrical code, standards for work within the right of way, standards for site work, and a fire code. The city manager is also authorized to adopt fees related to the technical code pursuant to section 2.020 of this code.

(2) Conflicting provisions. Whenever conflicting provisions or requirements occur between this section or an administrative rule adopted pursuant to this section, and a provision in an Oregon Specialty Code, this section or the administrative rule shall govern unless the Oregon Specialty Code explicitly preempts.

(3) In making rules and regulations establishing minimum standards for the protection of life and property against fire, the city manager shall consider the fire code adopted by the state fire marshal, and national standards adopted by the National Fire Protection Association. The city manager shall adopt rules which provide the same or greater degree of safety as the state fire code. The new fire code adopted by the city manager may include requirements for fire safety permits and hazardous materials permits, as well as provisions for payment of fees for such permits. In the new rules, the city manager also shall address issues related to wild/and/urban interface hazards.

(4) Violation of any provision of the technical code or administrative rule adopted in accordance with this section shall constitute a violation of this code, subjecting the violator to the penalties set forth in section 8.990 of this code. Those penalties are not exclusive. The city manager may employ one or more of the enforcement mechanisms authorized in EC 8.005 or elsewhere in the Eugene Code, 1971.

(Section 8.010 added by Ordinance No. 19892, enacted December 7, 1992, effective January 6, 1993; amended by Ordinance No. 20692, enacted July 10, 2023, effective September 1, 2023.)