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(1) The inspection of all covered residential buildings, or portions thereof, subject to this code for the purpose of determining whether the requirements of this code have been met. Such inspections may be on an area basis, on the basis of reports to or observations by authorized representatives of the building division or any other authorized city official.

(2) The inspection of a covered residential building, or portion thereof, subject to this code about which complaints have been made by any person.

(3) The preparation of written reports containing details of each inspection, including the nature of any violations of this code which may have been observed.

(4) The enforcement of the provisions of this code in any court of competent jurisdiction.

(5) The presentation at all hearings conducted by the weatherization board of appeals of evidence relevant to the condition of the covered residential building, and other evidence that may be considered relevant by the board.

(Section 8.290 amended by Ordinance No. 19150, enacted June 15, 1983.)