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(1) All rental housing not excluded under 8.410(2) shall be registered with the city on a form and in a manner to be determined by the city manager.

(2) The city manager, using the process contained in section 2.020 of this code, shall set a fee for each dwelling unit covered by a rental agreement. The revenues generated by the fee may be used for:

(a) Offsetting the costs to the city associated with the enforcement of this City Rental Housing Code; and

(b) Costs associated with providing services to tenants and owners and managers of rental housing, including but not limited to a rental housing navigator position, rental housing data collection, and tenant support services.

(3) The following unit types, while subject to the standards, enforcement procedures, and other requirements established in sections 8.400 through 8.440 of this code, shall be exempt from the fee payment requirements:

(a) Rentals with a recorded deed restriction requiring the units to be rented affordably to households at or below 60 percent of the Area Median Income; and

(b) Rentals that have been approved by the city for an exemption from property taxes pursuant to sections 2.910 to 2.922 and 2.937 to 2.940 of this code or that are recognized by the city as exempt from property taxes pursuant to ORS 307.092.

(4) The owner or the owner’s agent shall be responsible for paying the fee. The total fee shall be paid for any dwelling unit which is covered by this Rental Housing Code for any portion of a billing period, and no refunds will be provided after fees are paid if a dwelling unit:

(a) Ceases to be a rental; or

(b) Changes ownership.

(5) For each month in which the fee is not paid by the date specified in the written notice of payment, a penalty shall be assessed to the owner or the owner’s agent. The amount of the penalty shall be set pursuant to section 2.020 of this code.

(6) The city manager may initiate appropriate action to collect the fees due. All costs associated with these actions, including attorney fees, may be assessed to the owner or the owner’s agent.

(Section 8.440 added by Ordinance No. 20329, enacted November 22, 2004, effective December 30, 2004, to sunset December 31, 2008; sunset date extended to December 31, 2011, by Ordinance No. 20408, enacted May 27, 2008, effective June 30, 2008; sunset date extended to September 30, 2012 by Ordinance No. 20480, enacted November 28, 2011, effective December 30, 2011; amended and sunset date extended to September 30, 2016, by Ordinance No. 20494, enacted June 11, 2012, effective July 14, 2012; sunset date extended to March 1, 2017 by Ordinance No. 20568, enacted September 26, 2016, effective September 30, 2016; sunset date removed by Ordinance No. 20573, enacted January 25, 2017, effective February 26, 2017; Ordinance No. 20670, enacted July 11, 2022, effective August 13, 2022; amended by Ordinance 20694, enacted July 24, 2023, effective August 25, 2023.)