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A use that was legally established on a particular development site but that no longer complies with the allowed uses or the standards for those uses in this land use code is considered a legal nonconforming use. Change of ownership, tenancy, or management of a legal nonconforming use shall not affect its legal nonconforming status. The continuation of a legal nonconforming use is subject to the following:

(1) If a legal nonconforming use is discontinued for a period of 365 days, it shall lose its legal nonconforming status, and the use of the property thereafter shall conform with the existing provisions of this land use code. If the use was discontinued because the structure was damaged to an extent of 50% or more of its replacement cost by a catastrophe, such as fire that is not intentionally caused by the owner, the use may be reinstated within 2 years.

(2) If a legal nonconforming use is converted to a conforming use, no nonconforming use may be resumed.

(3) No legal nonconforming use may be replaced by a different type of nonconforming use, nor may any legal nonconforming use be expanded or intensified.

(Section 9.1220, see chart at front of Chapter 9 for legislative history from 2/26/01 through 6/1/02.)