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The following uses are specifically prohibited in the S-CN Chase Node Special Area Zone:

(1) Motor Vehicle Related Uses.

(a) Car washes.

(b) Parts stores.

(c) Recreational vehicle and heavy truck, sales/rental/service.

(d) Motor vehicle and motorcycle sales/rental/service.

(e) Service stations, includes quick servicing and automobile repair.

(f) Tires, sales/service.

(g) Transit park and ride, major or minor, except under a shared parking arrangement with another permitted use.

(h) Parking areas, where the entire lot is exclusively used for parking and does not provide shared parking for more than one development site.

(i) Drive-through facilities.

(2) Trade (Retail and Wholesale).

(a) Agricultural machinery rental/sales/service.

(b) Boats and watercraft sales and service.

(c) Equipment, heavy, rental/sales/service.

(d) Manufactured dwelling sales/service/repair.

(3) Prohibition Not Exclusive. The prohibited uses listed in subsections (1) and (2) of this section are not intended to be exclusive, and other uses may be prohibited.

(Section 9.3120, added by Ordinance No. 20267, enacted November 12, 2002, effective March 3, 2003.)