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(1) Subdistricts. Within the S-DR Zone, the two subdistricts are:

(a) S-DR/MU (Mixed-Use).

(b) S-DR/CL (Cultural Landscape and Open Space).

(2) Overlay subdistricts. Overlay subdistricts provide special regulations and standards that supplement regulations and standards of the S-DR/MU subdistrict. Within the S-DR/MU Zone, the two overlay subdistricts are:

(a) S-DR/MU/1 (Active).

(b) S-DR/MU/2 (People).

(3) The boundaries of subdistricts and overlay subdistricts are shown on Figure 9.3135 S-DR Zone Regulating Plan.

Figure 9.3135 S-DR Zone Regulating Plan

(Section 9.3135, including Figure 9.3135, added by Ordinance No. 20513, enacted July 8, 2013, effective August 9, 2013; and by Ordinance No. 20619, enacted July 22, 2019, effective August 25, 2019.)