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(1) In accordance with the requirements at EC 9.8815(5)(a), a setback line is established to keep structures separated from the Willamette River to protect, maintain, preserve, and enhance the natural, scenic, historic, and recreational qualities of the Willamette River Greenway as shown in Figure 9.3135 S-DR Zone Regulating Plan, and on Exhibit D to Ordinance No. 20619.

(2) Uses permitted in the S-DR/CL subdistrict listed at EC 9.3145(7) have been determined to be consistent with the establishment of the setback, are permitted within the setback, and are considered water-related or water-dependent activities.

(Section 9.3147 added by Ordinance No. 20513, enacted July 8, 2013, effective August 9, 2013; amended by Ordinance No. 20619, enacted July 22, 2019, effective August 25, 2019; Ordinance No. 20693, enacted July 12, 2023, effective August 18, 2023.)