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(1) Applicability. The standards in this section apply to areas shown on Figure 9.3135 S-DR Zone Regulating Plan as S-DR/MU, S-DR/MU/1, and S-DR/MU/2, except as provided in EC 9.3181 and EC 9.3182.

(2) Specific Development Standards.

(a) Build-to Lines and Setbacks.

1. Buildings shall face the street and the first two stories shall not be set back from the front property line, except for the following:

a. For buildings that include only residential uses, the entire building shall be set back from the front property line a maximum of 8 feet, as shown in Figure 9.3180, Note 3.

b. For all other uses, up to 50 percent of the building may be set back from the front property line a maximum of 15 feet, as shown in Figure 9.3180, Note 2.

c. The setback area must be an enhanced pedestrian amenity or urban plaza as defined at EC 9.0500.

d. Recessed entries are excluded from the build-to line and setback requirements.

2. Buildings shall be provided along a minimum of 60 percent of the length of the street facing property line, as shown in Figure 9.3180, Note 1.

(b) Building Transparency.

1. Windows, openings, or doorways are required along all street facing ground floor walls at a minimum of 25 percent of the area of applicable ground floor walls.

2. A blank length of wall more than 20 linear feet is prohibited along any street facing facade, unless required for elevator shafts or utility facilities.

3. Windows or openings required at subsection 1. above must allow two-way visibility and shall have a Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) of 60 percent. Twenty-five percent of the windows required at subsection 1. above shall have a VLT of 70 percent or greater.

4. Structured parking is exempt from the window requirement but shall provide openings at the percentages specified at subsection 1. above.

5. Dwelling units on the ground floor are exempt from the requirements at subsections 1. and 3. above.

(c) Building Ground Floor Height. For all uses other than residential, the ground floor height shall be a minimum of 14 feet measured from floor to floor.

(d) Landscape Specifications.

1. 10 percent of the total area of all development sites shall be landscaped.

2. Landscape installations shall include living plant materials covering a minimum of 70 percent of the required landscape area within 5 years of planting.

(3) Design Review. As an alternative to compliance with (2)(a) through (d) above, an applicant may apply for approval of an alternative through the Design Review process in accordance with the provisions of EC 9.3190.

Figure 9.3180 S-DR/MU Build-to Lines and Setbacks

(Section 9.3180, including Figure 9.3180, added by Ordinance No. 20513, enacted July 8, 2013, effective August 9, 2013; amended by Ordinance No. 20619, enacted July 22, 2019, effective August 25, 2019.)