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The land use and permit requirements and special use limitations applicable in the S-JW Jefferson Westside Special Area Zone shall be those set out at EC 9.2740 and EC 9.2741 for uses in the R-2 zone, except:

(1) The following uses listed on Table EC 9.2740 are prohibited in the S-JW Jefferson Westside Special Area Zone:

(a) Correctional Facilities.

(b) C-1 Neighborhood Commercial Zone permitted uses, unless such a use is specifically listed in another row on Table 9.2740 as an allowable use under the “R-2” column.

(2) Any additional (interior, attached or detached) residential structure that is used in connection with or that is accessory to a single family dwelling may be permitted on a lot only as an additional “One-Family Dwelling” and not as an “Accessory Dwelling.”

(Section 9.3615 added by Ordinance No. 20449, enacted December 14, 2009, effective January 16, 2010; amended by Ordinance No. 20625, enacted January 21, 2020, effective February 22, 2020.)