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The following Table 9.3630 sets forth S-JW Jefferson Westside Special Area Zone lot standards, subject to the special standards in EC 9.3631.

Table 9.3630 S-JW Jefferson Westside Special Area Zone Lot Standards

(See EC 9.3631 Special Standards for Table 9.3630.)

Lot Area Minimum (1)

Lots, except Small Lots, Alley Access Only Lots

4,500 square feet

Small Lots (2)

2,250 square feet or per Cluster Subdivision or PUD

Alley Access Only Lots (4)

2,250 square feet

Frontage Minimum (1)

Interior Lot

45 feet

Corner Lot

45 feet

Lot Area Maximum (3)

13,500 square feet

(Section 9.3630 added by Ordinance No. 20449, enacted December 14, 2009, effective January 16, 2010.)