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(a) Lot frontage requirements may be met by a lot that abuts a street or an alley continuously for the required length indicated in Table 9.3630.

(b) Rectilinear shape. A lot line segment is a portion of the boundary line of a lot that is bounded on each end by an angle and that contains no angles within the line segment. (The point at which a straight line intersects a curved line is considered an angle.)

1. All lot line segments must be straight lines and intersect at right angles (90 degrees).

2. Exceptions.

a. Lot line segments may intersect at an angle between 85 and 95 degrees to the extent that will produce a lot with at least four sides and a lot boundary with fewer angles than could be accomplished using only right angles.

b. An angle between 45 and 135 degrees is allowed where a new lot line intersects a lot line segment that existed prior to December 14, 2009, and the existing lot line segment did not intersect both its adjoining lot line segments at right angles.

(c) A lot’s boundaries must be sufficient to fully encompass a rectangle of the following size:

1. Alley access only lots: 45'x35'

2. Other lots: 45'x45'

(See Figure 9.3631(1)(d)(e)).

(d) Minimum interior lot dimension. (See Figure 9.3631(1)(d)(e)). The minimum distance between any two non-intersecting lot line segments is 35 feet when measured by a straight line that does not begin or end at an intersection of any two lot line segments and that lies entirely within the lot’s boundaries.

(e) The Property Line Adjustment provisions at EC 9.8400 through 9.8420 are available within the S-JW zone only for adjustment of a portion of a lot line that existed in its current location as of December 14, 2009. Such lot lines may be adjusted by up to 5 feet, measured perpendicularly from the lot line’s current location, and consistent with all other applicable lot standards. A Property Line Adjustment allowed under this section may be up to 10 feet if the adjustment is necessary to accommodate an encroachment that existed as of December 14, 2009.

(f) A lot must have the capacity for vehicular access from an alley or street consistent with access standards in the EC.

(g) The creation of a new flag lot is prohibited in the S-JW Jefferson Westside Special Area Zone.

(2) Other than an alley access only lot, a lot with an area of less than 4500 square feet:

(a) May be created only if:

1. The original lot from which the small lot is created abutted a street for at least a continuous 45 feet and was at least 6,750 square feet prior to the creation of the small lot; and

2. Shall not have an existing dwelling that has more than three bedrooms.

3. Only one “small lot” may be created from any portion of a lot that exists as of December 14, 2009.

(b) No new dwelling with more than three bedrooms is allowed on a small lot.

(3) Exceptions to the maximum lot size shall be granted if any of the following is met:

(a) Existing physical circumstances such as topographically constrained lands, conservation easements, existing buildings, or utility easements prevent the ability to further divide the lot.

(b) The lot exceeding the maximum lot size is intended to reserve a large lot for future land division with feasibility demonstrated by a conceptual buildout plan.

(c) The subdivision achieves a minimum density of 9 units per net acre.

(d) The exception will enable protection of natural resources.

(4) An alley access only lot may be created only if:

(a) The original lot from which the alley access only lot is created abuts a street for at least a continuous 45 feet and is at least 6,750 square feet prior to the creation of the alley access only lot;

(b) Only one alley access only lot may be created from any portion of a lot that exists as of December 14, 2009; and

(c) A new alley access only lot must include the entire portion of the original lot’s lot line that abuts the alley.

(Section 9.3631 added by Ordinance No. 20449, enacted December 14, 2009, effective January 16, 2010; Ordinance No. 20699, enacted November 13, 2023, effective December 31, 2023.)