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In addition to the approval criteria at EC 9.8865 Zone Change Approval Criteria, the site must be included within the area depicted on Map 9.3805 S-RN Royal Node Special Area Zone and Subareas. When property is rezoned to S-RN, as part of the rezoning process, the City shall identify the subarea designation applicable to the property. Within the S-RN Special Area Zone, the 7 subareas are:

(1) S-RN/LDR (low density residential);

(2) S-RN/MDR (medium density residential);

(3) S-RN/MSC (main street commercial);

(4) S-RN/CMU (commercial mixed use);

(5) S-RN/RMU (residential mixed use);

(6) S-RN/PRO (park, recreation and open space); and

(7) S-RN/NR (natural resources).

The applicable subarea shall be that shown on Map 9.3805 unless a different subarea designation is found to be consistent with EC 9.3800 Purpose of S-RN Royal Node Special Area Zone.

(Section 9.3805 added by Ordinance No. 20275, enacted January 13, 2003, effective February 12, 2003.)